(The Story)

There were three weary travelers in a land far from their homes. They lost their way and after many days, came upon a small village. The villagers, not being accustomed to strangers, watched cautiously from their homes. The Strangers did not let this discourage them. Although they were tired and in spite of being far away from their comforts, the strangers wanted to honor this village and its people.

A Safe Place

"But wait!" one of them exclaimed, "We are far away from home and we have no provisions!" "Just get me that giant kettle and make a big fire, we will prepare a great feast." said another.  When the fire was made and the kettle was placed upon it, the third stranger placed three huge stones in the giant pot. As the villagers looked on they became curious, they wanted to know what was going on. One of them became brave and approached the strangers. "What are you doing?" queried the villager. "We are preparing a great feast", said the stranger, " will you not join us?" The villager laughed and said, "What kind of a feast is this, there are no vegetables in your soup. The stranger replied, "Of course you are right. It would truly be a shame to spoil the feast because we have no vegetables". After a moment the villager went away and returned with carrots, potatoes and all sorts of garden goods and began to prepare them for the feast. Before long, another curious onlooker came out and asked…"What are you doing?" and again the travelers replied. "We are preparing a great feast, will you not join us?" The second villager also laughed and said, "How do you expect to feast with no bread?" To which the travelers replied, "Of course you are right. It would truly be a shame to spoil the feast because we have no bread". And again the villager went away and returned with grain to prepare bread for the feast.

As the day went on, several more, and eventually everyone in the village had inquired, and in accord set forth their wares. As the evening came on the village, there indeed was the greatest feast the land had ever seen where family friends and merchants alike shared in the abundance.

This is a story that I truly have no idea where it came from.  I do remember it being told to me when I was very young.  Since then I have chosen to tell it through what I call my Afrikan Eyes.  The story and the truth of the matter is so very powerful that I have chosen to pattern many of my activities so that I am always working in the spirit of Stone Soup.  I once heard that Stone Soup is not the way to run a business.... I am here to tell you that Stone Soup is THE ONLY WAY!!

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